Aimee Buckley – Founder and CEO of Study Help: A Tutoring Platform – 449

By Steven Miletto

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Aimee Buckley – Founder & CEO – Study Help – A Tutoring Platform. This is episode 449 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast. Great talk! Lots to learn!

Aimee Buckley, founder and CEO of Study Help Inc, is a veteran public school teacher. Study Help Inc is a tutoring platform that connects top quality teachers with students who are looking for a better understanding and academic skills. 

Her platform solves many of the issues of traditional tutoring services. Students from anywhere in the world can connect with top notch teachers at a time that works for them. It is also the only platform of it’s kind that has a C-suite member who is a credentialed teacher and knows what skills students need to master at every level. 

Study Help Inc is not to guarantee A’s on every assignment, but to teach students and help them grasp the skills and concepts they need to be successful; the A’s will be a natural result. 

For the first 5 years of her career as a teacher, Aimee taught students with emotional issues due to neglect or trauma. She then moved to teaching students with mild to moderate disabilities. She has taught in this position for the last 20 years. Most teachers are experts on the content they deliver, Aimee is an expert at teaching. She prides herself in making the content accessible to her students.

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