Addressing Socialized Resistances to Teaching Francophone Perspectives in the Social Studies Classroom with Raphaël Gani

In this episode, Jeremy Lavoie and Dane Schwandt from the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education parler with University of Ottawa Doctoral candidate Raphaël Gani. Their conversation revolves around the article, co-authored with Dr. David Scott, Social Studies Teachers’ Resistance to Teaching Francophone Perspectives in Alberta:

Their discussion explores why both pre-service and practising teachers in Alberta feel like they cannot, or do not want to, include Francophone perspectives in their classrooms, even though the social studies curriculum they follow explicitly calls on educators to do so. Jeremy and Dane explore with Raphaël how they have been socialized to see Francophone people, perspectives, and histories in particular ways, and how educators might create curriculum encounters with students that foster a renewed sense of connection to Francophone people and memory in the places where they collectively live.

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