A Year of Grief and a Year of Joy with my Wife, Amy Del Monte

By Adrian DelMonte

In the podcast, we hope to inspire educators to bring their whole selves into their classroom everyday. Through powerful conversations, we will explore how teachers can see their classrooms and students as extensions of who they are as people. We will help you embrace your calling as educators, teaching from authenticity, vulnerability and the power of the heart.

In this week's conversation, my wife Amy and I sit down to discuss what was an extraordinary year. We hope that our story might  help other parents and teachers process theirs.We reflect on the joys of the year– our neighbourhood coming back to life, sharing laughter around the dinner table and becoming a reading family– as well as the challenges– wrestling with our own privilege, trying to support our sons in French Immersion, and watching so many of our friends leave the city. Amy helps me remember that we  must “sit” in both the joy and the grief. That is how we have the most complete human experience. I was so glad that we could process our year together in this way.Amy is not on any social media but feel free to let us know what insights the episode offered you by reaching out on twitter @podcastforheart————————————-NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER WEEK! Be sure to follow or subscribe so you get them first thing Tuesday mornings!Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wholehearted-teaching-with-adrian-del-monte/id1538305754 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1v39FRoSHRYfOThic1MZQL?si=-b0U_cJLQ9aAmBb8zWIsXwGoogle: https://podcasts.google.com/search/wholehearted%20teachingFind ALL our episodes here:  https://wholeheartedteaching.buzzsprout.com/