A Work In Progess – Episode 1

By Derek Rhodenizer

A collection of fun podcasts exploring the philosophy of education.

I am working towards writing a book. Education is, or at least should be a reflection of society. As a result it is a complicated place, full of jargon and large concepts making up a lexicon that educators speak. However, in my experience, we are not all speaking the same language. We may agree or even disagree on a concept, without realising we do not have a shared language. The goal of this book is to break down some of this language, not to provide all the answers to hut to deepen the conversation. If we want to move education forward we need to dig deeply into what we do. We need to work as much as possible towards understand the “why” of education, to work towards constant improvement as a field. Through stories of my personal experience, I am looking to help guide readers through some philosophical thoughts on education.

During this series of talks live on voiced.ca on Sunday nights at 9pm, Stephen Hurley and I will be working through the problems I am encountering as i push forward, trying to write this book.