A Step Up For All

A Step Up For All

By Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation

In this series of conversations, we speak with the researchers, educators and economists who have contributed their unique and important perspectives to Early Years Study 4. Each conversation is interesting and compelling on its own but, when combined, the call to action is loud and clear: high quality, early childhood education for ALL.

Kerry McCuaig is a Fellow in Early Childhood Policy, Atkinson Centre, OISE/UT. Dr. David Philpott is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

In this conversation, we talk about Chapter 3 in Early Years Study 4——A Step Up For All: ECE Helps Children, Families and Communities Thrive.

Our exploration includes the rather stark admission that Canada falls far behind other countries in terms of a commitment to quality, accessible early childhood education. We also identify the features and characteristics of a quality ECE environment and underline the double dividend that is realized when we step up for all of our youngest citizens.

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