A Research-Practice Collaboration – Concordia University and the Lester B Pearson School Board

By Rebecca Merkley

The worlds of education research and classroom practice are often seen as two different worlds. Rebecca Merkley is a researcher at Carleton University and Patrick McLeod is an educator in Eastern Ontario. Together, they explore the ways in which stronger relationships between the lab and the classroom can impact the way we do our work—as researchers and as educators.

Host Patrick McLeod is joined by Julie Houle (Math Consultant, Lester B Pearson Board) and Dr. Helena Osana (Concordia University Research Chair in Mathematical Cognition and Instruction) to talk about their collaborative work on the Early Numeracy Partnership.

Their project was funded by a Partnership Engage Grant from a government research council with the goal of enhancing the mathematical success of kindergarten students in the Lester B Pearson Board.