A Parent’s Guide to Gap Years: Exploring Outward Bound with Stacy

A Parent’s Guide to Gap Years: Exploring Outward Bound with Stacy

Are you a parent curious about what a gap year can actually look like for your teen? In this episode, we’re joined by Stacy who shares her experience navigating her son’s gap year. From wilderness adventures with Outward Bound to unexpected life-changing moments, discover how a gap year supports future planning and the transition into young adulthood. Topics Discussed

  • Stacy’s Perspective – Gap Year Parents: Gain insights into navigating a gap year as a parent firsthand, as Stacey shares her experiences and reflections on her son’s journey.
  • Outward Bound Adventures: Explore the transformative power of wilderness experiences with Outward Bound, discovering how these adventures shape young minds and foster personal growth.
  • Developing Soft Skills: Discussing the importance of soft skills development, including resilience, teamwork, and self-reflection, as Stacey’s anecdotes shed light on the invaluable lessons learned during a gap year.
  • Communication and Understanding: Learn about the significance of open communication between parents and children when considering a gap year, fostering understanding and support for each other’s perspectives and concerns.
  • Exploring Alternatives to Traditional Education: Discover the potential of gap years as a meaningful alternative to traditional education, offering tailored opportunities for personal growth and exploration aligned with individual interests and aspirations.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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