A Full Heart with TCDSB Director of Education Brendan Browne

By Adrian DelMonte

In the podcast, we hope to inspire educators to bring their whole selves into their classroom everyday. Through powerful conversations, we will explore how teachers can see their classrooms and students as extensions of who they are as people. We will help you embrace your calling as educators, teaching from authenticity, vulnerability and the power of the heart.

At the end of a very difficult year I went into this conversation with TCDSB Director of Education Brendan Browne looking for something: I was looking for the heart in what he would say. I knew there would be limits to how much I could ask my boss (on air!), but that's not what I wanted to hear. As you listen, I encourage you to ask yourself this question: are you heartened by the work of education this year? You’ll hear Director Browne talk about his desire to build trust in the community, to work towards equity and, as the largest Catholic school board in the world, to show that we follow Christ by our love.  And then you can decide if these beliefs are grounded in some kind of distant principles or if at the heart of the board, is a deep value for people.This is our last episode until the fall. I want to thank you again for tuning in. It has been my deep and genuine pleasure. —————————————————–NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER WEEK! Be sure to follow or subscribe so you get them first thing Tuesday mornings!Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wholehearted-teaching-with-adrian-del-monte/id1538305754 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1v39FRoSHRYfOThic1MZQL?si=-b0U_cJLQ9aAmBb8zWIsXwGoogle: https://podcasts.google.com/search/wholehearted%20teachingFind ALL our episodes here:  https://wholeheartedteaching.buzzsprout.com/