A Federal Minister of Education? ft. Dr. Jenn Wallner

By Hurley in The Morning

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Dr. Jenn Wallner is Associate Professor in Political Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa. She has a particular interest in federalism and comparative provincial politics. In her book, “Learning to School: Federalism and Public Schooling in Canada”, Dr. Wallner explores how, despite the absence of a federal office for education, Canadian provinces have managed to develop pretty similar approaches to elementary and secondary school.

Jenn recently wrote a piece for The Conversation, “COVID-19 shows the cracks in public education – here’s how to repair them.” (https://theconversation.com/covid-19-shows-the-cracks-in-public-education-heres-how-to-repair-them-148712)

In this conversation, we begin to explore all of this and, as usual, seem to just get started before having to bring the conversation to a close. But I loved the conversation, and I hope that you get something out of it as well.