A Conversation about the Professional Advisory on Anti-Black Racism

By Marguerite Thomson

Conversations and Keynotes from the 2019 CPCO Conference held in Toronto on November 21-22. The theme for this year's conference, Compassion: Leading with Heart, attracted over 200 Catholic school leaders from across Ontario.

In this episode, the Support Services Team including the CPCO Legal Counsel Irena Brooks, have a fulsome conversation, about the OCT Professional Advisory on Anti-Black Racism. The discussion includes: what an Advisory is, why an Advisory on Anti-Black Racism is being provided now, as well as some common Anti-Black racism examples. Suggestions as to how Principals and Vice-Principals can support the learning for themselves and their staff are provided. Irena ends the conversation with a reminder that no matter when or where hateful incidents occur, it is incumbent upon all of us to act.

*Please do not share this episode, as this podcast is meant for CPCO Practising Associates only.