A Bee Garden At The Parliament

By Munazzah Shirwani

Faith In The System, hosted by Munazzah Shirwani, is about having authentic conversations that promote Faith Literacy for educators and stakeholders. The podcast covers religion, religious communities and interactions in both public and private school systems as well as in the wider public square. It’s a place for us, as educators to gain insight and empathy into handling the issues that come our way. The opinions of guests on the show are not necessarily those of the host or voicEd radio but are welcomed in the spirit of civil discourse.

In this episode, you’ll meet a pot pourri of passionate delegates from the Parliament of World Religions, a week long interfaith event that attracts thousands of attendees every 3 years, kinda like the Olympics. If my energy sounds a bit low, well a week of conference adrenaline’ll do that to you. But first off what’s a Bee Garden doing at the Parliament?

For complete show notes, visit https://handsonheritage.blogspot.com/2018/11/faith-in-system-podcast-episode-3-bee.html?m=1