97 – Nina Pak Lui: Equity, Humanity, and Assessment

NINA PAK LUI has taught at the middle and high school levels and today she instructs pre-service teachers at the School of Education at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC, Canada. Nina views teaching as a sacred calling, and she’s dedicated to inspiring and equipping future teachers to be caring, competent, inclusive and reflective. She designs and facilitates meaningful learning experiences that intentionally connect theory to practice.
In our conversation, Nina candidly shares about a time when the tensions between her vision and realization became too much for her mental health, leading her to take extended leave from a high school. She offers insights about how schools can better recognize and include cultural minorities in their learning communities, and describes how assessment comes down to honoring the humanity of the students in our care. She also shares personal passions, a productivity hack, and the voices and resources that shape her thinking and inspire her practice today.
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