92 – The Functionality, Narrative, and Aesthetic of Design (w Christine Boos)

What makes for good design? If teachers are to see themselves as learning designers, what qualities might guide their work? Join Natalie as she talks to a professional interior designer to discover parallels to teaching. Show Notes:

  • If architects create the outside of a building, interior designers create the inside (of which decoration is only one small piece).
  • Good design is more of a noun than a verb that includes functionality, inclusiveness, aesthetics, and a powerful user experience. 
  • There are many parallels between the qualities of good design and good teaching. 
  • Sound design principles include the use of space and a design narrative. 
  • A common mistake folks make when approaching design is to adhere to the status quo and over-emphasize aesthetics.
  • When designing our physical school spaces, access to nature and inspiring imagery, along with flexible uses of space, should be our guide.

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