#90: The Dope Educator (With David Jay)

By Morgane Michael

This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG impact...one small act at a time.

David Jay aka The Dope Educator is a fifth grade educator-rockstar from Memphis Tennessee. The 32 year old started gaining the attention of the masses including Access Hollywood, good morning America, and top podcasts for his groundbreaking approaches to creating relationship with his students, most notably by memorizing each and every one of the secret handshakes created by his 75 students. A relatively new teacher, David knows that relationships are the key to education and has made it his mission to inspired educators everywhere to take a page out of his book.

You will come away from this interview inspired to bring even more heart, passion and love into your own classroom as we talk about the one thing you need to do to gain enrolment from even your toughest to teach, how words of affirmation change the game, how we can embrace the power of will over skill, how teaching the small things makes an incredible difference and the one question you need to ask your students when it comes to creating a vision for themselves.

You can follow David Jay at @thedopeeducator on all the socials