9 Thoughts for Successful Daily Lesson Plans – 188

By Steven Miletto

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Planning is important. Being successful in the classroom requires planning. Planning means taking time for reflection and a focus on what needs to be done and how you are going to do it. Last episode, I shared my 10 Secret Ingredients for Better Unit Planning. Today, I am talking about my:
9 Thoughts for Successful Daily Lesson Plans
1. What are you trying to accomplish each day?
2. Block or Chunk Time
3. Think engagement – How?
4. How will you know if they are getting it?
5. Specific activities for expanding understanding of the content vocabulary.
6. How you will begin/close.
7. Be flexible.
8. Use small group activities and learning centers to provide opportunities for practice.
9. Daily plans should always be driven by individual needs.
Remember – planning is important and an essential tool for helping us assist kids in achieving their dreams.
Thanks for listening.
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