84 – Building Community by Telling the Story of Us (w Melody McAllister)

What is community? How do we build it, and break it? Who are we as a wider education community? Natalie connects with former teacher and current community engagement strategist, Melody McAllister, to unpack the complexities of both youth and adult communities in the age of social media.  Join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/empowermentecosystem Follow Natalie: Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin Follow the Podcast: Twitter | Instagram Follow Melody: Twitter | Instagramv | LinkedIn Email: hello@educrushpod.com Show Notes: ·       Melody’s education journey thus far. (6:25) ·       What is community? (9:45)) ·       How to tell the story of a classroom community; building a classroom community with parents. (13:30) ·       The power of co-creation to build community. (20:00) ·       Leveraging music and check-in questions to make everyone welcome immediately. (20:20) ·       Who are we as an education community? (30:25) ·       We need to stop attacking each other on social media and giving ammunition to the critics. (39:15) ·       How can we honor one another as whole people and get back to a place of unity? (48:35) ·       A hopeful note about the purpose of education. (55:15)

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