77-Kindness Is Celebrating 35 Years Together!

77-Kindness Is Celebrating 35 Years Together!

By Anitha Rao Robinson

Children's author and conservationist Anitha Rao-Robinson invites listeners to join her as she creates a community of kindness. She speaks with children and young adults as they share their incredible stories of kindness towards animals. the environment, and people.

Episode 77-Kindness Is Celebrating 35 Years Together!

A very special and personal episode for Anitha as her husband, Matt Robinson, joins her to talk about celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary.

They share stories of their early years together, being a mixed-race couple, having kids, and the ups and downs of a relationship that’s spanned many decades.

Anitha is super grateful to Matt, who is usually a private person for taking the leap and joining her.

As a thank you to Matt for his willingness to be a part of the podcast, Anitha & Matt, donated to Operation Angels. This is a new project created by Steve Jenkins (best known as one of Esther the Wonder Pig’s dads). Operation Angels plans to open to the public in the Spring of 2025 as an agritourism destination. All proceeds from this venture will be donated to animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations.

You can learn more about Steve’s new adventure here: https://stevejenkins.ca/operation-angels

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