76-Kindness Is Creating Rainbow Spaces

76-Kindness Is Creating Rainbow Spaces

By Anitha Rao Robinson

Children's author and conservationist Anitha Rao-Robinson invites listeners to join her as she creates a community of kindness. She speaks with children and young adults as they share their incredible stories of kindness towards animals. the environment, and people.

Episode 76: Kindness Is Creating Rainbow Spaces

In 2021 Nadia Kean-Ayub created Rainbow Spaces. She joins Anitha to talk about what motivated her to start this organization, how this group helps youth in the LGBTQ+ community, and how much they have grown in just three years.

Nadia also shares her favourite ways to support folks in the queer community by being an A+ Ally

  1. Affirm who they are
  2. Accept that their path is their own
  3. Acknowledge
  4. Don’t offer Advice on who they should share their queerness with
  5. Adapt by letting the youth guide you

An emotional and honest discussion of the best and most difficult aspects of creating a safe and inclusive space for all youth.

To learn more about the amazing events Rainbow Spaces creates, check out their Instagram account:


As with all her guests, Anitha offered to donate to a charity of Nadia’s choice. At the time of this episode’s airing, Nadia was still deciding on a charity.

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