61 – Interdisciplinary Magic in Middle Level Land (w Preston Hickert)

A story about the permission, vulnerability and challenge inherent in creating an interdisciplinary middle school program. Preston Hickert is a teacher from Kansas City and he joins Natalie to share his story of “playing the mud” to learn with his students. Show Notes: Despite originally pursuing journalism and film, Preston ended up bringing a passion for storytelling to the classroom as a teacher. (6:10) Exploring the magic of the middle years. (11:30) High Tech High was the inciting incident for an interdisciplinary approach to middle school that develops human skills. (17:05) Are we rescuing kids from challenge? (24:00) Playing the mud and embracing co-creation and uncertainty. (26:10) What evidence might capture the story of student learning? (32:30) New challenges emerging several years into the project. (40:35) Educators need to learn by doing and embrace vulnerability to model authentic learning. (43:34) The purpose of education. (51:50) Follow Natalie: Twitter | Instagram Follow the Podcast: Twitter | Instagram Follow Preston: Twitter Email: hello@educrushpod.com