43.1 – Civil Engagement and Digital Literacy w/ Meagan Heard

Today’s controversial topics tend to center around truth. Discussions can become so heated that many simply choose not to engage. Meagan Heard is a teacher who seeks a world where students have the skills to navigate difficult topics. This week, Megan gives a crash course on digital literacy.  View full show notes  Meagan on Twitter: @meaganerd   Email the Podcast: hello@educrushpod.com  Podcast on Twitter: @educrushpod  Natalie on Twitter: @natabasso  Alex on Twitter: @mralexnoel  Podcast on Instagram: @educrushpod  Podcast Website: www.educrushpod.com     Show Notes:   Start of interview 1:30  Students are very engaged with what’s happening around them 2:25  Validating a plurality of perspectives 3:55  Discussing tribalism with the students 6:46  How to have productive conversations in the classroom 8:05  Addressing when what is taught comes into conflict with what students hear from home 10:35  Teaching students to assess a source (digital literacy) 12:36  Aiming to gain the skills of a journalist 23:09  Encouraging students to pursue truth 24:23  Preparing students for when the truth makes them uncomfortable 27:41  The purpose of education 31:53    https://ctrl-f.cahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page  https://www.snopes.com