42 – Intergenerational Learning, Sustainability, and Space at Mill Bay Nature School – Pt. 2 (w Cayla Brown & Kim Ondrik)

We’ve all heard the adage “with age comes wisdom” but what does it mean to be wise? If we view our work as educators through the lens of sustainability and legacy, the wisest thing we might do is lift up those younger than us to continue our work long after we are gone, especially in schools. In part two of Natalie’s conversation with Cayla Brown and Kim Ondrik, we unpack these ideas further before holding space for both guests to share their biggest wonders as they continue to co-create Mill Bay Nature School. Show Notes: Why might we take up intergenerational learning? (2:50) Stepping into our collective capacity to be wise by looking for ways to uplift others, especially children. (10:40) Does benign neglect create space and roominess for growth without the hindrance of pestering attention? And when or to whom might space imply dismissal? (22:30) Biggest wonderings that both Cayla and Kim have while building a decolonized school. (33:35) The purpose of education. (44:00) View full show notes here! Cayla on Twitter: @bayla_crown Kim on Twitter: @kondrik4 Email the Podcast: hello@educrushpod.com Podcast on Twitter: @educrushpod Natalie on Twitter: @natabasso Podcast on Instagram: @educrushpod Podcast Website: www.educrushpod.com