42 – Decolonization, Love and Witnessing at Mill Bay Nature School – Pt. 1 (w Cayla Brown & Kim Ondrik)

In the simplest of terms, decolonization means moving from a triangle to a circle. From a hierarchy to a community. In the episode, Natalie joins the Head Learner of the Mill Bay Nature School, Kim Ondrik, and the Smuqw’a’ (middle years) Clan Leader, Cayla Brown, to learn how they are building a decolonized school together through love and witnessing. Show Notes: Telling the story of how Kim and Cayla taught me how to show up, even when I can’t control the outcome. (1:10) Kim became an educator to try to change the system, but now finds herself leading the implementation of the British Columbia competency curriculum. (9:09) Cayla’s journey as an educator began in Special Education, but she now finds herself having to unlearn to align her practice with her pedagogy. (14:36) How Mill Bay Nature School is q’shintul (community) through a process of co-creation and the invitation for everyone to show up as their whole selves. (19:20) What is meant by the phrase, “pedagogy from the inside out.” (25:03) How the educators of Mill Bay Nature School are taking up the work of decolonization. (29:22) What it means to “take it up.” (35:45) The power of gathering and doing something together in the quest for sustainable change. (38:48) Disrupting the “triangle” of hierarchy in the context of assessment. (54:00) Removing the context of competition in assessment through the process of witnessing. (1:00:45) View full show notes here! Cayla on Twitter: @bayla_crown Kim on Twitter: @kondrik4 Email the Podcast: hello@educrushpod.com Podcast on Twitter: @educrushpod Natalie on Twitter: @natabasso Podcast on Instagram: @educrushpod Podcast Website: www.educrushpod.com