223 – You Can Love Teaching, Love Your Students, and Still Love Time Away

I’m writing this post from a delightful cafe in a quaint little touristy town near my home.
The sunshine is pouring in through three walls of windows.
Steam from my freshly brewed coffee wafts lazily upward.
A creamy slice of carrot cake sits waiting to be consumed.
Welcome to SPARKS: mini-segments intended to spark your thinking and ignite your practice. These short episodes are based on my written reflections, which you can find on the Teachers on Fire Magazine at Medium.com.
Read the blog post featured in this episode at https://medium.com/teachers-on-fire/you-can-love-teaching-love-your-students-and-love-time-away-12f2c3750c28.
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Chef Brian by Latasha
Dude by Patrick Patrikios
Tropic Fuse by French Fuse
How’s It Supposed to Feel (Instrumental) by NEFFEX
*All songs retrieved from the YouTube Audio Library at https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/.

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