213 – The OVERLOOKED SKILL That No One Is Talking About in Education

Think for a moment.
What if there was a physical skill that could actively determine an adult’s willingness to write virtually anything of length for any reason?
What if this single skill determined whether basic academic tasks required minutes or hours?
And what if proficiency in this same skill dramatically limited or expanded the number of academic options available to students outside of high school?
Wow. That’s huge, right?
If such a skill existed, you would think it would get a LOT of attention in our K-12 education systems.
I believe such a skill does exist.
But it hardly receives a mention.
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Read the blog post featured in this episode at https://medium.com/teachers-on-fire/the-overlooked-skill-that-no-one-is-talking-about-cd3ce10a5dc.
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