209 – My Students Are Actually Thinking About LEARNING TARGETS

I first read Ron Berger’s Leaders of Their Own Learning in 2018, and I’ve been sold on the power of learning targets ever since. I believe they’re an essential part of successful instruction, assessment, and student learning.
I post learning targets on my Google Docs. On Slides. On Classroom. On Seesaw. I try to refer to them often in my instruction. And I ask students to use our targets to assess their own learning.
But how much attention do students really give to learning targets? Do they actually mean anything or do they just amount to irrelevant teacher talk and background noise?
Welcome to SPARKS: mini-segments intended to spark your thinking and ignite your practice. These short episodes are based on my written reflections, which you can find on the Teachers on Fire Magazine at Medium.com.
Read the blog post featured in this episode at https://medium.com/teachers-on-fire/my-students-are-actually-thinking-about-learning-targets-da90d8db352c.
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