205 – Defining Our SEESAW MISSION and VISION

What’s our ultimate vision for Seesaw?
We want to use Seesaw to help us strengthen our culture of growth, reflection, and learning.
We want the Seesaw journal to be so informative that engaged parents and reflective students have a clear sense of their learning progress every step of the way. No surprises at report card time.
We want the Seesaw journal to be a source of celebration, pride, and joy for every diverse learner in our community.
We are ALL learners, after all: even as educators — especially as educators and lead learners — we continue to grow, evolve, and change. We try, we fail, and we try again. We constantly inquire, we uncover, and we apply new information to upgrade our skills and expand our knowledge.
We haven’t arrived, and that’s okay, because none of us can say where our own final destination lies.
That’s the beauty of learning. And that’s what Seesaw makes space for.
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