167 – SPARK – We’re About to Teach Our Students a Massive Lesson on Mindset

In a few days, for districts headed for F2F instruction, hundreds of students will fill our buildings. They’ll come with spanky new shoes and that first-day sense of nervous excitement.
And they’ll look to their teachers for the same things they always have: a passion for teaching, care for their well-being, interest in who they are, and belief in their unlimited potential.
Let’s welcome them with enthusiasm. With optimism. With smiles.
Let’s let these children know that we’re thrilled to see them. That we could not be happier to be back to school.
And let’s show our students what life in the shadow of a pandemic can look like: a life of faith, love, gratitude, and an abundance mindset.
Not a mindset that ignores the challenges ahead. But one that says we will find a way through a challenging situation, and we will make the best of it together.
It just might be the biggest lesson we teach all year.
Welcome to SPARKS: mini-segments intended to spark your thinking and ignite your practice. These short episodes are based on my written reflections, which you can find on the Teachers on Fire Magazine at Medium.com.
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