153 – SPARK – Schools Should Look Like Their Students

I’ve taught in schools in four cities. In each context, the student populations have been majority non-white while the staff populations have been majority white.
Take my two stepsons, for example. They are finishing tenth and eighth grade. Their father is white and their mother is Filipino, although to see them you might assume that they are not white at all.
Yesterday I asked them if they have ever had a teacher of Filipino or East Asian descent from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Nope. Not a one.
Think about that. In their first nine years of education, they have never had a teacher or administrator who looked like them.
They’ve had a lot of nice teachers and administrators, sure. Great people, even. But compare my experience to theirs. I almost always had teachers who looked like me.
They never have.
Does that effect privilege white kids? I think it has to.
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