149: 9th Grade Transition Program for Parents

By Steven Miletto

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Last episode I talked about creating a 9th Grade Transition Program for Kids. This week I am focused on creating a 9th Grade Transition Program for Parents. Today, I’m sharing my 16 ideas for a parent transition program. Do you have one? What would you or do you include?

Too often the 9th Grade Transition Program is focused only on the kids, yet the parents need to know how to do things. We always talk about creating a welcoming culture for parents, well make them more comfortable with their kids’ school if you bring them in and show them how their child will use the school. But not only that, let them experience the areas of the school that they will need to be familiar with like the attendance office, the bus ramp, and the counselor’s office.

Think about what you would include with your 9th grade transition program for the parents. Well, what do you think? Are you ready to welcome your 9th grade parents as well as the kids?
Length: 20:20