148: 9th Grade Transition Programs for Kids

By Steven Miletto

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Do you have a 9th grade transition program for your rising 9th graders?
If you don’t, you should.
If you do, do you have kids help run it?
If you don’t, you should.
Kids don’t have all of the answers but they do know what they like and don’t like.
Many of them will tell you whether the 9th grade program you have is boring, too long, and/or next to useless.

9th grade transition programs should be gameified as much as possible and student led. Now this doesn’t mean that there are not adults involved. Oh, no! It simply means that you are going to have a team of adults and kids that work to put the kids in front of the new kids. Not only in front of them but also have them help you design what will happen.

Now remember you are still going to want the media specilaist, 9th grade counselor, and 9th grade teachers involved but you also want the kids to tell you what kids want to know more about coming to the high school for the first time. 

For example, have it end at lunch where you feed the kids (maybe pizza), and give them a school t-shirt or goody bag. Make sure that the tour shows them where the lockers are and how to use them. It is great if they can get their locker during this visit. It will increase your numbers attending if you make it known that they will get their lockers.
Take the kids to the drop off/pick-up areas. Also make sure that you show them the cafeteria and explain the lines as well as how you get there.
Listen to my talk today to get other ideas.
Just know that you should create an opportunity for the kids to learn from other, older kids about their new school.
It will help create success for your rising 9th graders.
Length: 21:25