144: 11 Wants for My Perfect Classroom

By Steven Miletto

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Today, I’m talking about my 11 wants for what I consider my perfect classroom.
Have you ever thought about this?
You know, if money was not an issue what would you like to have? What changes would you make to your current classroom or if you haven’t started teaching yet what would you like your first classroom to look and be like?

Here are my 11 Wants for My Perfect Classroom
1. Tables and chairs, not desks.
2. Permission to decorate and/or paint the walls.
3. Space
4. Interactive Board/Projector that makes a wall interactive.
5. Tablets, laptops, chromebooks, etc.
6. Access to social media.
7. Microphones and money for hosting a class audio podcast.
8. A rug.
9. Outside space.
10. Funds to build up a classroom library.
11. Access to a closet or drawers.
So what about you? What would you like for your perfect classroom? 
What 11 things would you really want for your classroom?
Length: 19:04