143: Teaching in the Fast Lane with Suzy Pepper Rollins

By Steven Miletto

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You may remember Suzy from a couple of earlier interviews: Episode 2 where we talked about her instructional program called Math in the Fast Lane and on Episode 43 we talked about her book Learning in the Fast Lane. She is a national presenter, life-long educator, founder of Math in the Fast Lane ( a resource for helping teachers in grades 3-8 help kids with better understanding math), and now the author of two books published by ASCD- Learning in the Fast Lane and Teaching in the Fast Lane.

Suzy is energetic and passionate about helping teachers help their kids become academically successful. She has a nack for writing books that are easy to read and put to use in the classroom. Her research-based approach shares the research but gets to the practical immediately. No translators are needed here.
Today we talk about why she likes helping teachers and we dig into several parts of Teaching in the Fast Lane. You will hear her talk about the active classroom and what that requires. By the way, I love the way each chapter ends with a list of Questions to Ponder as well as her thoughts about stations and standards walls.
You are going to love Teaching in the Fast Lane and don’t forget to check out her first book, Learning in the Fast Lane. 
Suzy also has taken on a new venture called myedexpert.com. You will hear us talk about this exciting way for teachers to get help from colleagues.
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Teaching in the Fast Lane: How to Create Active Learning Experiences
Learning in the Fast Lane: 8 Ways tp Put All Students on the Road to Academic Success
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