138: Educator Means Lifelong Learning

By Steven Miletto

Teaching Learning Leading K12 provides resources for classroom teachers and school-based administrators.

When we become educators we sign on to be lifelong learners. Whether you knew it or not it is a major aspect of what we do. We have to keep learning. By the way, notice that I said educators. That is because I’m not only talking about the classroom teacher, I am also talking administrators, media specialists, instructional coaches, support staff, everyone associated with helping kids achieve their dreams in schools. Yes, everyone must keep learning.



Every child is different. Even though they may have similarities to other children in the past, they all have challenges, baggage, and exceptionalities that require us to keep learning for understanding how to better work with each individual child. No matter how skilled or talented, all kids require educators to keep learning how to be better at what we do. So today, I am asking you to take my pledge:

I am an educator. I am a life long learner.

Included in today’s show are my 14 ways to keep that pledge.

Thanks for listening!

Time to learn something new.

Remember, I am an educator. I am a lifelonglearner.


Length: 11:05