12 Tools for a Successful Start to the New School Year – 207

By Steven Miletto

Teaching Learning Leading K12 provides resources for classroom teachers and school-based administrators.

 12 Tools for a Successful Beginning to the New School Year
1. Greet students when they enter your class.
2. Use a seating chart to help you learn their names.
3. Develop your “Spidey Sense.”
4. Know you.
5. Plan – big (unit) & small (daily).
6. Include opportunities for checking for understanding (formative assessment).
7. Get better at giving feedback.
8. Start and stop class.
9. Have a way for you to stay in touch with parents.
10. What will you do?
11. Attitude check and adjustment.
12. Reflect on what happened.
What do you think?
Have an awesome year!
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Books on Feedback and Checking for Understanding – Formative Assessment:
How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students by Susan M. Brookhart
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Length – 33:49