110 – Dr. Douglas Fisher: Literacy, Credibility, and Visible Learning

By Tim Cavey

Dr. DOUGLAS FISHER is a Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and a teacher leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College. He is a member of the California Reading Hall of Fame and is the recipient of an International Reading Association Celebrate Literacy Award, the Farmer award for excellence in writing from the National Council of Teachers of English, and the Christa McAuliffe award for excellence in teacher education.  He has published numerous articles on improving student achievement as well as books, such as Text-Complexity: Raising Rigor in Reading (with Nancy Frey and Diane Lapp), Checking for Understanding (with Nancy Frey) and Common Core English Language Arts in a PLC at Work (with Nancy Frey). He is a board member of the International Reading Association and a past board member of the Literacy Research Association.
In our conversation, Dr. Fisher recalls a time in his teaching career when he genuinely struggled to connect with his learners. He talks about his latest work in the area of balanced literacy, and explains how educators will be pushed to think about literacy in his workshop. He explains why he’s been giving the matter of teacher credibility more attention, and discusses the personal passions and productivity strategies that make him tick. As we close, he also shares some of the voices and resources that continue to shape his thinking and inspire his professional practice today.
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