102 – Dr. Jacie Maslyk: Creativity, STEAM, Leadership, and Maker Education

By Tim Cavey

DR. JACIE MASLYK is an educator, speaker, and author at ISTE, SolutionTree, and Steam-makers.com. She’s an Assistant Superintendent for the Hopewell Area School District Aliquippa, PA, with a passion for #STEM education, makerspaces, literacy, leadership, and creativity in education.
Dr. Jacie Maslyk is the author of several books, including …

STEAM Makers: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Elementary Classroom (2016)
Connect to Lead: Power Up Your Learning Network to Move Your School Forward
Remaking Literacy: Innovative Instructional Strategies for Maker Learning, Grades K-5 (Classroom Maker Projects for Elementary Literacy Education).
Unlock Creativity: Opening a World of Imagination With Your Students

She is also the co-author of Makers in Schools: Entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution
In our conversation, Dr. Jacie recalls being stonewalled by a veteran teacher during her earliest days in administration. She talks about the heart and mission of Unlock Creativity: Opening a World of Imagination With Your Students, and urges educators to lead the charge by modeling learning and creativity in front of our learners. Jacie also shares her personal passions, a productivity hack, and some of the voices and resources that are shaping her thinking and inspiring her practice today.
You can connect with Dr. Jacie …
On Twitter @DrJacieMaslyk: https://twitter.com/DrJacieMaslyk
On her website at http://jaciemaslyk.blogspot.com/
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