033 Becoming Bob Crawford

By Catherine Tang

Becoming is a new podcast where we explore the age-old question of “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”. As children, some of us had crystal clear ideas of what our future would look like. Others opted to go with the flow. Whatever our experiences, they’ve all influenced who we are and the path that we are on today. Through this podcast, you’ll get a glimpse at the paths and lives of some really interesting people, and the journey they are on.

To wrap up Season 4 of Becoming, host Catherine Tang had a chance to sit down and chat with someone who has impacted her life greatly – Dr. Bob Crawford. In this episode, Bob talks about entering the field of computing in the 60s,  his 40+ years with Queen's University, and how faith has shaped the way he approaches life and those around him. Connect with us: Get in touch with Bob Crawford through Ryandale Transitional HousingCatherine Tang can be found on Twitter at @EduScribblings Theme music: “Inspiring and Upbeat” by Scott Holmeswww.scottholmesmusic.com

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