Off the Shelf

We believe that if we want to change the way we do education, we have to change the way we talk about education.

Every year, thousands of students pursue graduate degrees in the area of education. From leadership studies to curriculum design, from cognitive psychology to the philosophy of education, the field is large and extremely interesting.

An important part of our work at voicEd Radio is to support and amplify the work being done by education students right across the country and that’s why we’re launching “Off the Shelf”, a podcast series dedicated to shining a spotlight on the work to which you have been dedicating so much time and effort over the past several years of your life. In our first season, we would like to hear from doctoral students from across Canada who have completed or are on the verge of completing their programs.

We want to hear about what drew you to your topic of research, where your studies have led you, and the impact that you hope to have on the world of education.

We’re going to be launching Off The Shelf at the beginning of September, but we would like to get our first few episodes recorded beginning in August. If you are enrolled in a Canadian PhD or EdD program and would like to share your work with the voicEd Radio community, simply provide us with a few details below and we will be in touch with some details of our own, including a discussion framework, and link where you can book a recording time.

Help us connect education research and practice in this unique series of conversations with some of our newest Doctors in the field!

So, here’s the form. Be sure to scroll down for the submit button and make sure that you get a confirmation that your information has been received. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours…but probably sooner!