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A new Covid19ed podcast episode! The Sunsols are a kingdom of fairy-like angelic beings living above the Oak and Eagle kingdom in the clouds. Learn about the Warrior of Light and how we can show kindness to others in our actions. Learn more at…

This week, Doug and Stephen are joined by guest host Aviva Dunsiger to explore new writing from the following Ontario educators:

Safina Hirji – @SafinaHirji
Mark Chubb – @MarkChubb3
Amanda Potts – @Ahpotts
Will Gourley – @WillGourley
Aviva Dunsiger -…

A new Covid19ed podcast episode! The ebony mirror sits in the middle of the Giants’ Village. Where did it come from? Why is it there? It’s black, so you can’t see your reflection. Learn about a little girl giant hearing a small voice come from the…