What Might Happen If We “Brought Game” to Our Conversations in Education?

There are plenty of people in this country who love to talk about education. And they are pretty passionate about their perspectives and their opinions. In the conversation below, Rodd Lucier and Stephen Hurley wonder out loud what might happen if we were to use that passion to go deeper.

So, picture a type of edutalk tournament format where current tools, trends and ideas were pitted against each other in a type of head-to-head cage match. What if passionate educators, parents, students and community members had the opportunity to speak their minds in an effort to get their point and perspective across? What would it look like? What would it sound like?

Listen in as we explore the possibilities!

And then, help us get started by answering our leading question about a¬†favourite tool that allows students to become “makers” in the classroom. Is it pencil or a 3-D printer. Is it a glue gun or a computer app? Let’s collect some ideas and see what people think!

We’ll report on the results of this initial question in the next few days. Lots to explore here in terms of content and format, but we think that we might be on the way to something exciting here!