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The past few weeks have been quite an amazing journey—to say the very least! In a spirit of “just-jump-in-and-do-this”, voicEd.ca has been relaunched and voicEd Radio has been born. Here are some of the touch points in the energy field that is starting to form around voicEd.ca

The past few weeks have been quite an amazing journey—to say the very least! In a spirit of “just-jump-in-and-do-this”, voicEd.ca has been relaunched and voicEd Radio has been born. On a very personal level, working towards our official launch has provided me a renewed sense of hope and purpose as I continue to find life and meaning in the nooks and crannies of Canada’s vast education landscape. Acting as station manager, web-designer, on-air radio personality (!) and outreach guy has taken up most of my time and energy over the past month. It has meant less sleep, less time outdoors and less of the crafted hops that I have come to know and love.

That might sound like a list of complaints, but it’s not. For me, this has been compelling stuff. It’s the stuff, in fact, that dreams are made of! My life-long love of radio has found a home and I couldn’t be more delighted and more satisfied with the energy that is starting to build around this project.

I kind of expected that.

But what I didn’t expect was the enthusiastic support of so many educators, students and community members that have rallied around this project and have begun to explore what this space might mean for their own work. Teachers across the country have begun to imagine how offering their students an opportunity to create content—live and pre-recorded—for a live audience might help to move the authenticity needle a little to the right. Students have started to imagine what it might be like to host their own live radio broadcast that their peers could listen to in the classroom next door, or in a classroom in another province. We’ve had keen interest from groups imagine using the radio stream as part of their strategy to build vibrant PLN’s. We’ve had organizations that are committed to being of service to the education space come on board as content partners and thought leaders.

Here are some of the touch points in the energy field that is starting to form around voicEd.ca:

  • Derek Rhodenizer and Chris Cluff recently began a support network for teacher candidates in Ontario and across the country. They’ve leveraged the power of radio and are hosting #ONedMentors, a weekly panel conversation featuring insights, expertise and practical suggestions by some pretty passionate educators.
  • Doug Peterson has committed to a weekly radio show that digs deeper into his thinking as he scans the Ontario EduBlog scene. It’s a privilege to hear the voice of someone who many of us only know through his writing!
  • Robert Martellacci is passionate about exploring the points of intersection that exist (or could exist) between the world of educational technology and classroom practice. Like Doug, Robert is producing a weekly radio show to share his learning and insights.
  • Derek Rhodenizer has booked the stream every Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST for Live from My Office at @WestboroAcademy. It’s a lively hour of student voice, educator insights and news from Ottawa’s Westboro Academy where Derek serves as Academic Director
  • And next week, voicEd Radio takes the show on the road as we begin to think about the energy that can created by carrying our microphones out into the field. On Friday, February 24th, we’ll be at Centennial Senior Public School in Brampton, talking with Andrew Dobbie’s  students about their work in the area of tech learning and leadership.
  • We have some wonderful writers who have committed to helping us nurture our voicEd.ca blogspace. Take a look at the contributions by Chris Cluff, Catherine Tang and Debbie Kasman. There will be more to come!

I could say so much more at this point about how this project is building out across the country but, for now, I invite you to have a look around our webspace and drop by the radio stream. We’re a work in progress, and the progress is happening everyday as we continue to hear from folks who are intrigued and excited about what this could mean.

Thanks for a great few weeks. Looking forward to so many more!

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