Education Workers Speak

Schools are complex places, supported by teams of professionals who all contribute to the success of our students. We are committed to telling their stories.

Too often, when we think of schools, our minds automatically turn to teachers in classrooms, administrators in offices and students in desks. When we talk about education support workers, many people assume that we’re talking about office and custodial staff.

But one of the important conversations that is emerging during this time of COVID-19 is the fundamental importance of recognizing ALL of the professionals who support students and educators. Their important work is often not recognized and their stories are seldom heard.

voicEd Radio would like to play a part in breaking that silence. We would like to invite those of you who support our students in your work as CYCP’s, EA’s, DECE’s, office administrators, custodians, itinerant supports, community outreach folks, OT’s PTs. As we prepare to move back into schools (in some form), we believe that it is essential to amplify your voices and raise your stories. And we need to hold these stories in front of the public, policy-makers and, well, each other.

If you’re interested in having a 20-30 minute conversation about the work that you do, and the stories that you hold, please fill in the form below. We will be back to you within 24 hours with a way to schedule the conversation. Although would like to get this series of conversations started sooner, rather than later, we would like it to be an ongoing discussion throughout the year.

So here’s the form and, please, if we missed identifying your role, please add it in and we’ll make a permanent correction. We’re asking for your email address so that we can contact you, but please know that you will be able to remain anonymous in this conversation, if you wish.