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This radio channel is pretty special.  I can’t believe that over the winter holiday I bumped into Stephen Hurley online and he let me in on this very exciting project. How we educate, and how we learn is so much about stories and collaboration and that is what the radio station is all about.  You can tune in a hear a wide variety of programming from educators, student teachers, students and more.

I run a few different shows on Voiced Radio, and Stephen has graciously given the moniker of co-founder, but there is one aspect of this project that gets me excited every time I do it.  On Fridays at 2pm my office at school become a radio booth.  I take a few mintues to line up some pre-recorded material, a few good songs and I plug in the mics.  Then the students from JK to grade 8 at my school who have something to share come into my office and do just that.  We create live radio together, just like that.  I flip on Nice Cast, press a button and we have taken over the airwaves!  It’s real, live radio, with it’s challenges, and beautiful moments, completely in the raw.  It is a truly authentic way from my students to publish, using a medium they don’t normally get to use, as well as a chance for the families at my school to tune and hear what is happening in their school.  It really is radio magic every time.

This is a good project, and you should get involved.  Having a radio show coming out of your school really is that easy.  Reach out, let’s talk, we want to hear what you have to say.