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Generally speaking lately, my medium has been audio.  I have really enjoyed podcasting and getting involved in radio here on Voiced Radio. Of course it is very important that we use a variety of mediums.  One of the thing is love about, it’s radio, but with a space for blogging and other community building, a great space for collaboration.  Also, I am currently on a plane, and while the person sitting next to me doesn’t seem to mind my furious typing, not sure they would be so keen with me podcasting.

So, the thing I would really like to reflect on is this very cool project that has grown in it’s own way, #ONedmentors.  This is something that Chris Cluff and I cooked up over twitter direct messages, a podcast and a google hangout or two. I became aware that a decent number of people that are in my twitter PLN are student teachers.  I was thinking how great it would be to have at my fingertips the PLN I have now when I was just beginning.  What a great spring board that could have been, and how great they have it now.  However, then I dug around, and the reality is, some people are leveraging a good PLN on social media while still studying to be a teacher, but not many.

Chris and I got to talking about this, and figured we should start something up.  Anchored on his webpage, Chris set up a place for current teachers to sign up as mentors.  The idea would be, that you are simply acknowledging the #ONedmentors hashtag, and agreeing to go check it out some times.  From the other side, student teachers could ask any question they like using #ONedmentors and one of the 24 seasoned teachers who have signed up as mentors (or in many cases lots of them) will weigh in to help answer your question.  This then also developed into a weekly radio show, where we do the same thing.

Being completely objective there are still a relative few who student teachers who are asking questions, but the number is growing. From those who are getting involved, all of them have reached out in one way or another and said how much they are getting from this experiment.  I am very excited to see this happen.  I truly believe that collaboration is the most powerful part of modern teaching, and I hope that fostering that from the beginning will make better teachers and better serve students.

So, if you are currently teaching, sign up as an #ONedmentor, and if you are currently in teacher’s college, get a twitter account and dive in, you will be happy if you do.