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Make A Difference – Professional Development

Peter Cameron and I hatched this brain child over the last few months, maybe even longer, and we are excited to get it going!

Welcome to the online conference that will change your life and the way you teach! Share and/or learn the tools, tips, resources and ideas that have proven to be game changers for educators. You will be able to collect ideas from educators all around the world during an exciting day of sharing, without travel or any cost. Presentations will be happen via YOUTube Live on May 7th 2017 from 8am-8pm EST.

Educators are challenged to share the one teaching strategy/tool/idea that has helped make a difference in their teaching practice and/or for their students. Each presenter will share their idea over a 15 minute time period and explain how it’s made a difference. A 15 minute for question period from the participating audience will follow. All videos will then be archived and shared with the greater education community.
Educators, preservice teachers and all others are invited to take part.

We are currently accepting educators interested in presenting their innovative idea that have made a difference. If you would like to present please fill out this form.

You can also check out a podcast of peter and I discussing the details of this event: