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I have rebranded.

If you have been listening to my podcast over the last year, you have known it as “Eduthoughts.”  this is a word I made up, and it was ok, but i was never in love with it.  i simply didn’t have an idea i thought I could replace it with.   over some time and consultation with many people I have settled on, “Beyond the Staff Room.”  This name i have fallen madly in love with right away! i feel like it greatly encompasses what I am trying to do in my podcast, and what i think should be regular part in education.

The currency of education is time.  Everyone is in a rush, and no one ever has enough time.  The school day is a fixed length, and we have a lot to do.  if you are an educator then you have probably gotten into a great conversation in the staffroom.  The one where a colleague share s a small win, where resistance allows to push thinking, where you get presented with an outlook you have never thought of before.  these are so valuable.  Unfortunately, they all end with the bell stopping the flow way before the conversation runs it’s course.

Someone once told me, you can always make time for the things you value.  I think these low pressure rambling conversations are valuable.  i think they need to happen.  this podcast is my tiny little contribution, to keep the conversation going, to allow educators a space to work through things they didn’t even know they needed to work through.  As guests on my podcast know, I do not prepare questions ion advance, or even themes.  We meet, turn on the mics and talk.  That might sound intimidating, but let me tell you, I don’t think i have had any dead air yet.  Educators need a space to talk, and this is one of them.

Thank you to everyone who has been listening to “Eduthoughts,” and I hope you continue to listen to, “Beyond the Staff Room,” and let’s keep the conversation rolling!