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Derek Rhodenizer's Writing

Derek Rhodenizer's Writing

voicEd Blogger, #ONedMentor

Your voice matters.

Dear ontario educators, Your voice matters. The Ministry of Education here in Ontario is looking to examine assessment, reporting and curriculum.  At this point public consultation has begun. In conjunction with the consultation team Voiced Radio is going to serve as...

M.A.D – P.D

Make A Difference – Professional Development Peter Cameron and I hatched this brain child over the last few months, maybe even longer, and we are excited to get it going! Welcome to the online conference that will change your life and the way you teach! Share and/or...


As teachers we have these little thoughts all the time. We reflect on the day, a technique, a concept, maybe a paradigm. voicEd Radio is all about hearing your voice, and this is how our new show is going to help. EduRants, are just that, a quick rant about education, from educators. This is your time to reflect, what have you been thinking about lately in class, what epiphany has recently happened, what is important to you?

Reflecting on this Radio Channel

This radio channel is pretty special. I can’t believe that over the winter holiday I bumped into Stephen Hurley online and he let me in on this very exciting project. How we educate, and how we learn is so much about stories and collaboration and that is what the radio station is all about. You can tune in a hear a wide variety of programming from educators, student teachers, students and more.


So, the thing I would really like to reflect on is this very cool project that has grown in it’s own way, #ONedmentors. This is something that Chris Cluff and I cooked up over twitter direct messages, a podcast and a google hangout or two. I became aware that a decent number of people that are in my twitter PLN are student teachers. I was thinking how great it would be to have at my fingertips the PLN I have now when I was just beginning.