It’s 11:30 in the evening. Instead of going to bed or winding down with a book, I’m sitting at my computer, pondering what this inaugural post should be about.

This post could be about any number of things. It could be about how excited I am that this site has launched. It could be about how nervous I am at the thought that my reports are due in a week. It could even be about the stack of 8 books that I have sitting on my bedside table, waiting patiently (some more than others) for me to make time for them. But none of those get at the crux of why I’ve signed on to do this. And that, I realize, is precisely what I should be sharing in this first post.

For some, teaching happens in a bit of a vacuum. You make plans, you bring them into your classroom, and you shut the door while you implement them. And at times, this is exactly what happens with me. But over and over again, I am reminded that the best teaching and learning happens not within a vacuum, but with an open door. It happens when you’re willing to be vulnerable, and when you make mistakes.

Blogging can sometimes seem like a self-indulgent activity. Not only are you posting about things that you’ve done, you’re also sharing your intimate thoughts with the world. I often catch myself wondering why I think my particular thoughts are worth the bandwidth or airtime. However, I’ve realized that one of the main reasons we share is to give ourselves an opportunity to reflect. And reflecting is necessary if we are to teach well.

Ultimately, this site is all about sharing. About sharing our experiences, our wonderings, the things that worked, and the things that didn’t. It’s a place we can come to ponder the big questions, and also to ask for help in the minutiae of our everyday. And so, over the next (hopefully long) while, I’ll be sharing with you all here, and I look forward to seeing how this space allows us to reflect better. Together.