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This last month of blogging (almost) daily has been a time of great reflection for me, but it’s also been a time of great discomfort – of seeing gaps in my teaching and sometimes feeling at a loss to close those gaps. Something that I have enjoyed immensely over the last few weeks has been the connections that I’ve made and the people that I’ve discovered who share my passions and interests. It really helps that most of those people are further along in the process of constructing their ideal classroom environments than I am.

Yesterday, in the #ONedMentors radio show, there was some discussion about this notion of the curriculum, and whether the curriculum supports or hinders student learning. In conversation with a fellow teacher in our building, it’s become clear to me that I need to rethink the curriculum and what its application looks like in my classroom. He has encouraged me to frame everything I do around something that I’m passionate about (design) – the lens (or lenses) through which I see the world – and to help my students develop the schema and language around creativity that will reach across disciplines and fields. As I embark on this journey, with some reading material from him, and some modules from the lovely folks over at the MIT media lab, I have hope. Hope that students’ imaginations will be sparked. Hope that connections will be made. And hope that our classroom and school will become a place where students are constantly learning.