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I was listening to a podcast today on homework. Homework can be a bit of a hot topic, with people expressing strong views for either side. However, despite many conversations, I’m still not entirely sure where I stand. I truly want to protect home time as family time, but I also believe some time should be set aside for practice and review.

My policy with homework this year hasn’t been thoroughly fleshed out. I don’t send home weekly packages, and I didn’t state clearly to parents at the beginning of the year how much time I expect students to be working every night (nor do I believe there should be a mandated amount of time spent per night on work). What matters most to me is that students are doing things at home that further their personal interests and passions and develop their connection and ability to relate with the broader community.

I still have a fair bit of time left this school year to try different things, but I’m hoping to have something more concrete that I can communicate with parents at the start of the next school year. I’m curious to hear what others’ homework policies are.